Do You Have the Prerequisites for Success?

Prerequisites for Success?

Are there any prerequisites for the courses promoted within the entrepreneurial and wealth creation education realm? Not from what I’ve experienced. The assumption of the promoters of such courses is that the potential students already have the required knowledge, skills and attitude previously established, in order to effectively use the new knowledge, skills and attitude being taught. You see, a proper foundation needs to be in place before building up to greater levels of competence. The key element here is the students’ ability to fully use the new learning, once the training is complete.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

For example; a baby does not require an Olympic running coach when it first attempts to attain the ability to stand, then walk. Certainly the coach is required in order for the child to eventually achieve its maximum potential in the field of running, but only when the time is right, when the correct foundational levels have been laid. The school system is similar in that you do not first learn Physics, Chemistry and English Literature; you must first master the Alphabet and Counting, thenReading, Writing and Arithmetic, and so on. It’s a process of sequentially layering competence at a pace the student is suited to.

This all makes sense and it’s easy to see the process operating in various areas of our life, but many seem to forget the importance of this process once we step outside of the formal schooling system and into the realm of entrepreneurship and wealth creation. Somehow we act as though the process no longer applies to us and we undergo education which may be inappropriate for us at the time. Sure, in order to achieve our maximum potential as an entrepreneur and create a lifetime of financial abundance much of this education is critical, but only when the time is right, when we are ready to receive it.

So why would someone promote and sell a course in which the students may not be able to utilise, or even fully understand, the learning? Well, 2 reasons come to mind; the first being ‘Maximising Sales’, the second being the ‘Inability to Teach’.

Promoters and sellers of entrepreneurial courses are there to make a profit; it is a business after all. The problem occurs when the seller’s focus is more on maximising sales than ensuring their product/service is a good ‘fit’ for the customer/student. In order to maximise sales, promoters aim to ensure few to no barriers to the sale are present. If the promoter was to include ‘prerequisites’ to their course, this would then potentially limit their number of sales, thus their profits, and some are loathe to do so.

But wouldn’t the Promoter get a bad reputation from a course that ‘doesn’t deliver’? Not necessarily. You see, in most cases the educator did impart the knowledge promised, and the information was accurate; so they’ve done what they said they would do, making it hard to raise a complaint. The promoters even canvas for testimonials right at the end of the course, before the students are able to put what they’ve learnt into practice, guaranteeing high praise. But the student may not able to fully understand or use the learning, and could be suffering from overwhelm from being out of their depth and not having the foundational elements in place. Once away from the course the impact, or lack thereof, of the education becomes apparent in the students behaviour and results. It’s the students’ ‘fault’ as such, but the promoter set them up to fail, either knowingly or through ignorance.

And here’s where we address that second reason, as there are many people who are great at what they do, they’re an expert, but they don’t understand HOW to teach what they know to another, in order for that person to achieve similar results. In most cases these experts do impart knowledge, but rarely do they ensure that knowledge is then turned in appropriate skills, and then used with the correct attitude required, i.e. ensuring the student has actually obtained competence in the area being taught. Most wouldn’t have a clue about ascertaining a potential students training needs, which involves determining their current level of competence and the level they require to achieve the results they desire. The old saying of, “Of those who can, do and those who can’t, teach”, well in many cases it’s also, “Those who can, can’t teach”.

It’s for these 2 reasons why most promoters of entrepreneurial and wealth education promise ‘training’ and not ‘results’, why they don’t set prerequisites and why they don’t provide training which: Imparts knowledge at the level you require at the time, Turns that knowledge into actionable skills and, Cultivates the necessary attitude for optimum results.

A well-known Buddhist proverb is, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Unfortunately for some students there are many ‘teachers’ appearing when they are not ready.

So, what to do? Ask questions and know what you’re buying into BEFORE you commit. What really is on offer; knowledge, skills, attitude? How does the training ensure these areas are covered? What prerequisites or other vital elements do you need to have in place to fully benefit from the training? If the promoter can’t answer these questions, or if you find you don’t fit the training, then walk away and find training that does fit.



“When you realise WHY you’ve had success in one area of your life, transfer that reason, that element into the other areas of your life.”

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