“Sad… why 95% of Aussies end up poor”

Master-Mind with 3 world-leading Wealth Educators

So I get this Subject Line in my email today, from 3 multi-millionaires putting on an event called Wealth Academy Summit. Here’s what they had to say… and my thoughts at the end.

“Have you ever heard of the statistic that 95% of Australians will end up poor?
Over a life time of work most people will still rely on the government for help in their later years.
Pretty scary when you consider the maximum single rate age pension is $11,772 per year.
So why will most people end up poor?
I think it’s pretty simple…
Most people don’t know how to get rich.
Their thinking is scattered or uncertain.
Their energies are directed towards their work (which alone won’t make you rich).
They don’t know where to start or what to do next to create income outside their job.
And any “extra” money usually gets spent rather than be used to create wealth.
Can you relate to any of this? And if so, would you like to do something about it?”

They then go on to offer you the opportunity to learn from each one of them at the event by clicking on a link. So what do I think?

Well not a lot of meat in what they’ve had to say within the email, but is it profound? Yes and No. Yes there is a vast amount of the population who do fall into the above description, but what about those who do direct their efforts towards creating wealth… why are many of them not achieving riches either? I believe there is more to it than what this simple email, intended to promote and generate a desire to attend an event, suggests. Perhaps the writer of the email didn’t want to delve too far into the subject, keeping it ‘light’ so the reader would quickly click on the link, or thought a majority of the readers would not want too much info. Well, like you, I’m not like the majority of others and I wanted something more I could ‘sink my teeth into’; something I could reflect upon and see if I’m making the same mistakes.

And I don’t believe that any of these multi-millionaires alone has the answer. Sure each of them is likely qualified to comment; each has become rich and assisted others to do the same, but often we taint our view on the world based purely on our own experiences. So I believe the answer will be uncovered in the questioning of many people who’ve overcome their challenge to become rich, and have assisted others to do the same. Within the multitude of answers we’ll receive will be a common theme of mistakes; missing ingredients in the recipe for financial abundance, the missing pieces of the wealth creation puzzle. Then we’ll be able to identify if we have any of these elements in our own lives.

It’s for this reason that this site, and the Facebook Page ‘Why You Will Never Be Rich – Book‘,  exist… to uncover the real reasons why those who pursue wealth fail in the attempt.

Knowing what can stop you and what you can do to overcome it can ensure the statistics are changed and it’s not you who ends up one of the 95% who are poor.



“Stop treating effects and start treating causes”

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