223 Millionaires and Counting

Coached 223 Aussies to Millionaire Status

After arriving from Brazil with little knowledge of English and during the recession we had to have, Julio De Laffitte applied the principles he now teaches to others and became a self-made multi-millionaire at 32.

Over the past 16 years he has coached 223 Australians in these principles which enabled them to become millionaires themselves. Well in my book that says that Julio is definitely qualified to have an opinion as to why most people who pursue it, never become rich. So what does he believe prevents most from becoming RICH?

When it comes to building wealth and creating financial freedom in your life ACTIONS definitely speak louder than words. An example…
Well, many people THINK they want to be wealthy. They like the THOUGHT of wealth… i.e. ¬†sitting under a palm tree sipping a cocktail, skiing the European snow fields, driving a Ferrari… those sort of things.
But what are they actually prepared to DO to become wealthy?
Or more importantly, what are YOU prepared to do to become wealthy?
You see it’s far easier to sit and watch a movie or TV show than it is to take the necessary ACTION steps required to build wealth.
For some they simply don’t know where to begin and they need to be shown… for others it gets back to ingrained thinking or mindset.

Ok, so from this we can see Julio believes MINDSET is an important determining factor in the pursuit of financial freedom, in this case how it shows up in your ACTIONS towards financial independence. You can be busy or you can be effective.

So how do you know which you are doing? Ask yourself this… are your actions you’re choosing to partake in, the right ones which will take you the closest to realising your goals over ANY of the other actions you could choose to do? Now you have to be tough with yourself here; be brutally honest. If you kid yourself on this…. well I hate to say it, but you may as well give up hope. It’s ok to realise that maybe, yeah you’ve been busy, but you haven’t been very effective. If you realise it, then you can change it. If you’re blind to this fault, then you’ll be stuck working yourself into the ground, like a donkey tied to a mill going round in circles; working hard all his life but never getting any closer to those greener pastures he desires.

And if you’re not sure, or as Julio mentions above you may need to be shown, then you need to look for a suitable person, a mentor, who can assist you to ensure your actions are aligned to your goals. Someone who can help you determine the best course of action, and the most effective actions to be taking on that course.

If Julio De Laffitte sounds like someone you’d like to check out more to see if he could be a suitable coach and mentor for you, to ensure your actions are aligned, and who knows, maybe you could be his 224th Millionaire, you can learn more about him here:¬†http://www.jdlstrategies.com.au/index.php

I’m not affiliated with Julio, or JDL, I just figured maybe he was qualified to comment on Why Most People Will Never Become Rich, so you can avoid their mistakes.



“Knowledge is Not Power. Correctly Applied Knowledge is Power”

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