Do You Have the Prerequisites for Success?

Prerequisites for Success?

Are there any prerequisites for the courses promoted within the entrepreneurial and wealth creation education realm? Not from what I’ve experienced. The assumption of the promoters of such courses is that the potential students already have the required knowledge, skills and attitude previously established, in order to effectively use the new knowledge, skills and attitude being taught. You see, a proper foundation needs to be in place before building up to greater levels of competence. The key element here is the students’ ability to fully use the new learning, once the training is complete.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

For example; Continue reading

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“Sad… why 95% of Aussies end up poor”

Master-Mind with 3 world-leading Wealth Educators

So I get this Subject Line in my email today, from 3 multi-millionaires putting on an event called Wealth Academy Summit. Here’s what they had to say… and my thoughts at the end.

“Have you ever heard of the statistic that 95% of Australians will end up poor?
Over a life time of work most people will still rely on the government for help in their later years.
Pretty scary when you consider the maximum single rate age pension is $11,772 per year.
So why will most people end up poor?
I think it’s pretty simple… Continue reading

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223 Millionaires and Counting

Coached 223 Aussies to Millionaire Status

After arriving from Brazil with little knowledge of English and during the recession we had to have, Julio De Laffitte applied the principles he now teaches to others and became a self-made multi-millionaire at 32.

Over the past 16 years he has coached 223 Australians in these principles which enabled them to become millionaires themselves. Well in my book that says that Julio is definitely qualified to have an opinion as to why most people who pursue it, never become rich. So what does he believe prevents most from becoming RICH? Continue reading

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The Definition of Rich

Definition of Rich

How Do You Define RICH?

For me, and I assume for many, when I was growing up; if I ever stated the words, or heard them mentioned, “I want to be rich”, I instantly thought, or knew, it was referring to having lots of money. If people desired more in the other areas that make for a ‘rich life’ then I usually heard them say things like, “I want to be healthy/fit”, or, “I want to be happy and have lots of friends”, or even, “I want to feel closer to God”.

For many the word ‘RICH’ has multiple contextual meanings, and whilst ‘a rich life’ & ‘financially rich’ may seem closely related, the collective focus for this site is on the later. If you ever want to achieve something; first you need to be able to define what it is you want. Continue reading

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